Parisian Cake Round
Parisian Cake Round
Parisian Cake Round

Parisian Cake Round

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Gold Celebration Candles
Gold Celebration Candles

A guest favorite! Moist chocolate cake layered with a silky chocolate mousse and topped with Porto’s signature whipped chocolate ganache. Finished with white and dark chocolate crispy pearls. Serves 10-12.

Please select a delivery date 24 hrs before expected serving date to allow our cake to thaw for the required 24 hrs in a refrigerator before serving.

To ensure the cake’s perfect condition upon arrival, the Parisian will be wrapped with a customized shipping collar that protects the cake.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
I love Porto's business model - It is pride at its best

To say that Porto's food is good, is a pleonasm. Needless to repeat that :everything they do is state of the art! Period. They have managed to offer great pastry and food to a community for an affordable price. They are not greedy and do not assume that everyone in LA is loaded and can spend $100.00 on a cake. They deserve an Award ! I love you guys! I am proud of you! Thank you.

The Best Chocolate Cake, EVER

My family lived in SoCal and would get this cake for every family member’s birthday. Now that we moved out of state, we are just so happy that we can still have the most amazing cake to celebrate birthdays with! No other cake, anywhere, can compare!

Jacqueline J Kinkis
Chocolate Parisian Cake

My aunt and uncle from California sent this to my mom in Florida for her birthday. Cake was absolutely delcious! Fluffy, fresh, and light with sweetness, but not overdone. Would definitely order again for special occasion.

Extremely tasty!!

Have you ever eaten a piece of heaven??!! I have–when I ate the Parisian chocolate cake!! I ordered this cake for my husband and my 50th wedding anniversary. The cake was perfect! It was SO soft and fluffy, but it’s not too sweet. A tad bit costlier than I would like, but it’s perfect for a special occasion. It was so good that I am tempted to buy it again, special occasion or not!!

Parisian Cake is amazing

So glad I ordered this for my Grandfathers birthday, it was a hit! Moist, chocolately, not too sweet, light as air. Came perfectly packaged & was just as delicious the next day.

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