Refugiado® (Guava and Cheese Strudel)
Item is a Porto's Favorite
Refugiado® (Guava and Cheese Strudel)
Item is a Porto's Favorite
Refugiado® (Guava and Cheese Strudel)
Item is a Porto's Favorite

Refugiado® (Guava and Cheese Strudel) Item is a Porto's Favorite

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A Porto's Bakery Original! Puff pastry with Porto's signature cream cheese filling and guava jam. Baking Instructions Note: opens in a new window.
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(2 Dozen)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Never miss a holiday

I’ve gotten these for every holiday since I was introduced. I love them and so does my family. I even order enough so everyone can take home. Has the perfect amount of both the guava & cheese. They arrive solid hard and baking them is a breeze. In this Cuban family, if it’s not on the table, it’s not a holiday!

Ga Hing C.

I saw this place on a Youtuber's vlog and wanted to order the frozen ones even before trying them because of how good everything looked, but I held myself and waited until I went to SoCal.

Things I tried: cheese rolls, refugiado (cheese guava strudels), meat pie, chicken croquete and potato balls. EVERYTHING IN THIS PLACE IS GOOD!! It was so good I had to go back to buy some more and bring back to the East Coast.

AMAZING PASTRIES! Speedy and good service, 100% coming back.

Chloe M.

seriously... PORTO's!! Go for your breakfast pastry (refugiado - guava cheese is my fav) and you'll wish you'd bought more for later.You have got to try their food: potato balls, empanadas, meat pies ... all are very goodWe have had birthday cakes from the Porto's and they are delicious.If I am taking a flight out of Burbank, I get a 2 boxes of refugiado to take with me for my co-workers in the Bay Area and word spreads so quickly in the office that I may soon have to take 3 boxes for other department staff.

Dominic Smith

My family and I love this place, as do many others, the bake goods here a superior in quality and taste. When ever your in the LA area this is a definite food experience you can't miss out on. The cheese rolls, refugiado guava & cheese strudel and guava strudel are delicious ? you won't be disappointed!!

Marie A.

(This review is for the Porto's bake at home)I ordered the Cheese and Guava pastry (Refugiado) and their famous Cheese Rolls.First attempt they used a courier I don't remember the name but they were trying to deliver in Benicia- but I don't live there, and these bake at home items are shipped same day with dry ice- Porto's knows how to ship their product and it needs to come the next day. So because the courier didn't deliver, Porto's automatically knew they didn't deliver and told me to not consume and if they can send another one. ( I didn't have to contact them, they were in contact with me, so because of that I gave them 5 stars for their customer service)They sent it FedEx and it came the next day- dry ice kept the baked goods frozen until I was ready to bake.Now the baked goods taste just as if you just bought it from the bakery. I would definitely order again!

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