Cheese & Spicy Pepper Potato Ball®
Cheese & Spicy Pepper Potato Ball®
Cheese & Spicy Pepper Potato Ball®

Cheese & Spicy Pepper Potato Ball®

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Porto's signature potato puree filled with mozzarella, parmesan, asiago, ricotta, roasted serrano, poblano, red and yellow bell peppers, and sauteed onion. With a crispy panko crust.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lee Rodriguez

Everything I've ever had at the Cafe or had delivered to my house has been DELICIOUS!! The service is GREAT & they are very friendly!!
If you ever have an opportunity to go, DO NOT MISS IT!!


First time ordering and these Spicy Potato Balls are perfect. They bake well, taste awesome...loved by all. Ate half in one serving, so I'll be back soon.

Mark L.

This is one of my favorite bakeries and restaurants. It's always busy but the line goes by quick. The prices are very reasonable. My favorite things on the menu are cheese roll, potato ball, ham croquette, cheese & spicy pepper potato ball, and chicken croquette. Ham Croquette being my top favorite. And don't forget the cakes. Cakes are delicious!

Bret I.

I live 2,259 miles from Porto's. That's a 32 hour drive. But despite that distance, I can enjoy fresh baked Porto's goodies. How?Porto's Bake At Home. It's amazing. They charged about $26 to deliver a box in 2 days full of Porto's frozen delights, ready to bake at home. That box can contain up to 6 boxes of Porto's pastelitos and each box contains a dozen items. Do the math: that's an incredible deal to bring the Porto's experience to your home. I ordered one box each of Ham Croquette (Croqueta de Jamon), Chicken Croquette (Croqueta de Pollo), Meat Pie (Pastel de Carne), Cheese & Spicy Pepper Potato Ball®, Potato Ball®, and Refugiado® (Guava and Cheese Strudel). For most of them you preheat your oven, put them on parchment paper (which they include!) on a cookie sheet, bake, cool them a bit, then eat. For the meat pie and Refugiado it's a bit different: you stack 2 cookie sheets (to keep button from burning), put on included parchment and bake. But, you also make some simple syrup (which really is simple: boil sugar and water, dissolve sugar, cool) which you'll brush on top. Do not skip this step! This is what gives these pastelitos a beautiful shiny look and it adds the exact right touch of sweetness. All of these were amazing. But the Refugiado and meat pies were the killer items. Just amazing. Wow. I am so glad that they ship nationwide. And now I have a freezer full of ready to bake pastelitos...but not for long!

Tommy S.

This review is for their online orders. I placed an order on Nov 17 to be delivered on Nov 20th (Saturday) for our Thanksgiving meal. FedEx like always went to the wrong home to try and deliver the items. No one was home so they took the package back to the facility. Well, the package was left there over the whole weekend which was obviously catastrophic.But this review is about how Portos reached out to me a few hours after the failed delivery. They knew that it was not delivered and immediately offered me some options. To get a refund or to send another package - no questions asked. I told them that if it was possible to get the item for Thanksgiving then I would like to receive another package. Which they immediately expedited and got here on time. This is what I call customer service and I will definitely be returning and buying more.I had ordered:-Cheese rolls: it was so delicious, i love that mix of savory/sweet-Meat pie: very good I very much enjoyed it-Cheese & Spicy Pepper potato balls: not as spicy as I'd hope but still one of my favs-Empanadas: I grew up in Venezuela so this is different that I am used to. nonetheless it was good-Dulce de leche besitos cookies: this was enjoyable. I am not a huge sweets person

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