Chocolate Twist
Chocolate Twist
Chocolate Twist

Chocolate Twist

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Traditional croissant made with European style butter filled with vanilla custard and mini Belgian chocolate chips.

*Chocolate Twists need to sit out on a baking sheet at room temperature to proof for at least 8 hours or overnight for best results before baking. 

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(2 Dozen)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Yummy to my tummy

This bakery is a fantastic find!!
I've never been disappointed with any item
The fact that items are delivered to your home- in most cases the next day- is just so convenient!!
Personal favorite so far anything!!

Natalie DuLaney

This is the mecca - don't miss out on the cheese rolls, chocolate twists, and all the savory bites! The service is impeccable - and the ambience is true bakery joy

Veronica S.

Where oh where have you been all my life?
It all started with the chocolate croissant, then a trip to the chocolate twist, with an ending of their famous cheese rolls.... Pure pure heaven!
Busy so be ready to wait but oh so worth it... you can order ahead online! Fresh, flaky, delicious, I can't even type anymore of how good they are... Also busy because again... of how good they are so hang in there quick service and again worth the wait!

Sylvia B.

All pastries are delicious but the chocolate twist is my favorite! Yum! Must try it!!

Judy P.

A staple to bring home when you're from NorCal. I mean, we're you even in SoCal if you don't bring home a box of these lovely desserts? Some of my favorite items to bring home when I'm in the area are : Dulce de LECHE kisses - a shortbread cookie with a ducks de LECHE filling topped with powdered sugar Chocolate twists - there's just something about them that I love so much. It's the chocolately decadence and there's something in it that gives it a nice crunch Guava cheese rolls are my favorite. Sweet and tart all at the same time.The cheesy potato balls are so good and addicting. If I could I would eat a whole box. The sandwiches are pretty good. Sometimes I'll order one to go so I can eat it for dinner when I'm waiting at the terminal or on the plane. I recommend the pan de lectin YUM ALSO, the cheese rolls are a must. Just a dozen of these and you'll be everyone's hero in the office the next day. I need to build my vocabulary for how to describe foods but heck, def stop by if you want to bring some tasty treats home!

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